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(Pocket-lint) - Ring has announced when you can buy its full home security system for those that want to ensure their house is protected both inside and out. 

The system, which includes an alarm, keypad, a motion sensor ($30 each for additional ones), and a window or door sensor ( $20 each for additional ones), is called Ring Alarm. It was announced last October, but was then hit with a lawsuit by ADT. Now, after an eight-month lengthy delay, and a rebranding, Ring has launched the security system for $199. It's scheduled to begin shipping next month.

Amazon-owned Ring is offering an affordable entry into smart home security, compared to existing systems out there. Nest, for instance, sells a similar setup for $399. Ring's system can be self-installed without a professional monitoring service, though. You can also deal with alerts yourself, or pay $10 per month for professional monitoring. Other niceties include LTE backup and unlimited video backup for cameras.

It can also be combined with Ring’s doorbell and spotlight cameras. If this interests you, the system will start shipping 4 July in the US.

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Writing by Maggie Tillman.