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(Pocket-lint) - Ring is going after Nest.

You'll see a lot of those headlines today, as Ring is announcing a major new product that not only brings together its existing lineup of security cameras, lights, and doorbells, but also gives Nest, which makes its own line of security cameras and a doorbell, a run for its money. Ring has unveiled a full home security system.

RingRing image 2

Just two weeks ago, Nest announced $499 home security system that included a keypad and sensors for two doors or windows. Ring's version, Ring Protect, is $199. It includes a single door or window sensor and a motion detector. If you want more door or window sensors, they're $20 each. Additional motion sensors are $30 each.

So, if you want to spend $200 on additional sensors, you could outfit 10 windows and five rooms for the price of Nest's system. Don't forget Ring’s $100 subscription monitoring service. If you choose to pay, you'll get a monitoring service so that someone can call your home if an alarm goes off. If you don't pay, alerts will be sent to your phone.

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Nest hasn’t announced how much its subscription monitoring service will cost. We also don't know how well Ring's option compares to Nest's in real-world testing. Ring said its security system and sensors will work together with its existing cameras to monitor your house, and it'll all be controlled through a single Ring app.

It'll also be available before Nest's system, which goes on sale in November. The Ring Protect system is available for preorder now in the US and should launch later this month.

Writing by Elyse Betters.