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(Pocket-lint) - The smart lighting blog, HueBlog, has revealed early details of an updated Philips Hue dimmer switch, which is anticipated to arrive in January 2021.

As avid Philips Hue smart lighting users, we have an abundance of dimmer switches installed, so the prospect of a redesigned one piqued our interest.

However, the 2021 dimmer switch isn't especially different to the current generation. As you can see from the leaked photos the previous four-button design - on / brightness up / brightness down / off - will become a three-button design, featuring on/off in one, with a brightness up/down rocker below.

Philips HueRedesigned Philips Hue dimmer switch photo 1

The new on/off button is said to be indented to make locating it easier in the dark, which is a sensible move. However, the off button of the current generation disappears in place of a large Hue branding area - which, given the placement in the home, looks excessive to our eyes.

What we would most like to see change, however, is regarding the software. At present a dimmer switch can be assigned five functions, which can be cycled through using the on button, but we can't see how that will be possible with an all-in-one on/off switch. Unless the Hue branded area turns out to be a fourth programmable button for routines and pre-sets - which would be a great touch.

It's rumoured that the new Philips Hue dimmer switch will arrive during CES 2021 in early January. Whether there will be more lighting products to accompany it we will have to wait and see.

Writing by Mike Lowe.