(Pocket-lint) - As promised earlier this year, Phillips has announced a complete range of Hue outdoor lighting that works in the exact same way as its popular indoor series.

While the current indoor range can be used outside with weatherproof lanterns, the new outdoor range is dedicated to surviving the elements while adding both ambience and security to your outdoor spaces.

Philips has produced outdoor lighting in both the white and white and colour ambiance ranges, meaning there are plenty of ways to highlight key areas in your garden. Products in the Hue White range include the Lucca, Tuar, Turaco and Ludere, however Philips says these are destined for the United States only and has yet to confirm which Philips Hue White outdoor lights will be rolled out to other countries. Philips adds that the White range is ideal for placing near doors to welcome either yourself or visitors.


Philips Hue lights in the white and colour ambiance range include the Lily, a wall-mountable spotlight and Calla, a pedestal lamp that's ideal for placing along a path or in flower beds. Because they're part of the colour ambiance range, you can use the Philips Hue app to choose from 16 million different colours and dim them to a specific level.

The Hue outdoor lights work in the exact same way as their indoor counterparts, so you can use the app and indeed your voice, to control them in any way you see fit. The Home & Away function within the app can also be used to set the lights to come on a specific time and with GPS on your smartphone, you can get your outdoor lights to come on automatically when you return home.

The Philips Hue outdoor lights will be available from July. The Lily and Calla lights will be available in Europe and the US for $280/€299 and $130/€140 respectively, while the Hue White lamps will be priced from $50.

Writing by Max Langridge.