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(Pocket-lint) - The Philips Hue connected lighting system is set to be compatible with Apple's HomeKit platform.

Philips has already confirmed as much, although now we have a leaked image of the network bridge needed to make it work, and the prospective price.

The HomeKit IoT platform requires hardware to sit between existing smarthome devices and a controlling iPhone or iPad. Third-party manufacturers cannot simply add integration through a software or firmware upgrade for their own connected hubs, so Philips plans to introduce a bridge that complies with Apple's standards in order to get everything to talk to each other.

What's more, it will make the Hue lighting system compatible with Siri voice commands.

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The image of the square Hue Bridge (which we have added to an existing Hue image) was leaked by a Dutch retailer, Lampen, which also listed the Philips device as "suitable for Apple HomeKit" and priced it at 59.95 euros (around £44).

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It didn't state whether the bridge replaces the existing one or whether it is required as well (as with Samsung's SmartThings Hub), but we're sure to find out more over the coming weeks. Maybe even during Apple's iPhone 6S launch on 9 September.

Considering the amount of floor space dedicated to the Internet of Things and smarthome devices at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, it would be surprising if Apple doesn't detail more on HomeKit soon.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.