Philips Hue lighting is evolving ever further to offer more controls and wider variation. That's apparent in the latest Hue wireless dimming kit and Striplight Plus.

The Philips Hue dimming kit works with a Hue bulb. This connects wirelessly and allows for button controls throughout the house. The dimmer can be wall mounted to be used like a traditional switch and can be removed to be used like a remote control. This magnetically sticks to the back plate which is wall mounted. The dimmer can be linked with up to 10 Hue lights so most houses should be controlled from just the one dimmer.

The controls are simple allowing for tapping to increase and decrease the brightness of the Hue lightbulbs.

The Philips Striplight Plus uses LED powered lights to created accents of light wherever they're placed. The new Plus versions can be coupled together meaning each 2-metre length can add up to a total length of up to 10 metres of lights. These can then be wirelessly controlled via smartphones. The lights can be changed in colour or even be set to synchronise with what's being shown on a Philips Ambilight television.

The Philips Hue dimming kit will be $40, which is about £30, while the Striplight Plus will be available from October in the form of a £70 starter set where each extra 2-metre length is £20.

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Philips Hue review