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(Pocket-lint) - Philips Hue, the adjustable lighting system that can be colour and luminance controlled via your smart device, is expanding, with the new Hue Go portable offering a slightly different stance to the range.

With the majority of Hue products you require a device called the Bridge, which is used to communicate to the various Hue products within a given setup (here's our review of the full Hue setup). In the case of the Hue Go that's still possible, but this portable light can also be used independently from the system.

That means a smaller overall cost if you just fancy the one light rather than the full-on Hue system, with the Go set to retail for £79.99. However, as an independent lamp it only offers five pre-sets, adjusted by using the button underneath the device, rather than the full 16-million-colours spectrum.

The product is about the size of a household bowl and emanates a decent light source, which can be used as an accent or mood light. In addition to sitting it upright on a table or desk, a small "foot" underneath also means it can be sat on a tilted slant, which is ideal for projecting light against a wall or other surface.

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There's a power supply included, and while the input socket on the product isn't the most attractive looking thing, it can be rotated out of view so won't be a problem for most arrangements. Shame it's not totally out of view like the single control button underneath the device - if anything, for practicality's sake, the button should have been implemented as a haptic feedback option, so the device needn't be flipped over to toggle through pre-sets.

When unplugged the in-built battery will give three hours of lights from a single charge, and you're free to carry the light anywhere you please. Maybe onto the outside patio for a summer evening BBQ when the sun dips? The choice is yours. 

The Hue Go looks good and we like the idea of ditching the cable altogether for certain occasions. It's not designated waterproof, however, so if you do take it outside just make sure you remember to bring it back indoors after!

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Writing by Mike Lowe.