Philips has announced a new smart lamp with two connected light sources called Philips Hue Beyond. Two connected light sources means you can adjusts the lamp's white light as well as its colourful light in order to affect the overall mood of your room.

The Philips Hue Beyond is joining Philips Hue, a wireless LED lighting system that you can both personalise and automate. The lamp therefore supports all the same Hue connectivity features and light recipes and even works with more than 190 third-party apps. To control the lamp's two light sources, which are also called an uplight and a downlight, you need to use the Hue mobile app.

"With Philips Hue Beyond you have the flexibility to create light that works for you; imagine having a relaxing evening ambience in your bedroom from coloured light, whilst also having the perfect white light to read tuned to your ideal colour temperature," explained Philips in a press release, adding that the lamp will be available as either a table light, ceiling light, or pendant light.

philips hue beyond is a new table light ceiling light or pendant light with kits starting at 329 image 2

The Philips Hue Beyond launches in Europe and North America from September 2014. In the UK, the Philips Hue Beyond will be exclusively available from Selfridges. The table light starter kit will cost £329, while ceiling light starter kit and pendant light starter kit will cost £529 each.

There will also a table light extension kit RRP for £299. The ceiling light extension kit and pendant light extension kit will both be £499.

View the gallery below for press shots.

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