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(Pocket-lint) - Philips is expanding its line of Hue smart-lighting products with the introduction of the Hue Lux, a white-only version of the smartphone connected light bulb.

The Hue line had traditionally been full of colour, but that doesn't necessarily bode well for say your kitchen. Philips realised this, and has unveiled the traditional white bulb, with smartphone connectivity as an added touch.

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Owners of the Hue Lux can dim the lights and turn off lights while not at home through the Hue smartphone app available for iOS and Android. It’s also compatible with Hue control devices, for example the Jawbone bracelet, to detect when you're waking into a room and will automatically switch on the lights as a result.

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“Hue Lux is another entry point for people who are ready for the connected home,” Filip Jan Depauw, senior director at Philips Lighting, said. “Hue Lux offers personal wireless functional lighting, giving users perfect control over their homes by reinventing the dimmer switch and giving you control via an array of apps."

Each starter kit of the Hue Lux, priced at £89.99, contains two Hue Lux bulbs and a Hue bridge that makes the whole system work. You plug the bridge into your home Wi-Fi router. 

The Hue Lux will be available in the summer in the US and UK. Extra Hue Lux bulbs are priced at £29.99, the same priced as the coloured versions.

Philips has also introduced the Hue Tap, a light switch that can be used to control the Hue lighting line so you don't have to use your tablet are smartphone. Being kinetic-powered no batteries are needed, and it contains three buttons to control different lighting arrays.

philips expands hue brand with white only hue lux hue tap lightswitch and luminaries image 2

The Hue Tap is available after summer in North America and Europe at selected retail outlets for £49.99. 

Lastly, Philips is adding a bit of style to the entire Hue smart-connected lightbulb line with the introduction of 3D-printed smart luminaries.

philips expands hue brand with white only hue lux hue tap lightswitch and luminaries image 3

The luminaries want to bring a bit of art to your room, co-created with design teams WertelOberfell and Strand+Hvass. The luminaries enable artsy effects, combining an artistic outer design with the different lighting effects that can be achieved with the Hue bulbs.

The luminaries will be available for purchase on 31 March for a few pounds. 

Writing by Jake Smith.