Until now Philips has well and truly owned the smartbulb world with its Hue range. But now the competition is closing in, thanks to the Lumen Smartbulb. And with those retro cool looks Philips better be worried.

Unlike the competition the Lumen Smartbulb uses Bluetooth, so you won’t need to fork out for that Wi-Fi hub. That means the price can be brought down but it also means you won’t be able to control the lights from anywhere in the world. But with the ability to set timers on the Lumen Smartbulb you shouldn’t need to anyway.

The bulb itself consumes one-sixth the power of a 40W bulb while delivering comparable light. You can adjust the brightness and colour (16 million options) using the app and also use it to flash in time with music or when you receive a call. This control works on multiple bulbs - as many as you may have around the house. And you can set a wake-up light that will gradually come on to rouse you gently.

You can buy a Lumen Smartbulb internationally but in the UK they are currently available for £49 each.

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