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(Pocket-lint) - When Nvidia announced its new version of the Shield TV media streamer in December, it revealed the device would get Google Assistant and SmartThings smart home support in a future update. However, it was thought that the older version wouldn't - that it wasn't able to, technically.

Pocket-lint has since learned otherwise.

The 2015 Nvidia Shield will also get Google Assistant when the update arrives. It will also be able to run as a SmartThings hub.

The older device has already been updated to Android 7.0, just like the latest model, and its feature set will continue to be same going forward.

The only catch for old Shield TV owners is that they will need to purchase the new game controller to get it to work.

Google Assistant requires an always-on microphone for voice control and the latest game controller is the only one with that feature.

The new Bluetooth Shield controller does work with the old box though, but it'll cost you £60 on its own. You can also buy the new Shield Remote control, as that works with the old box too.

It comes with a cell battery rather than rechargeable version so lasts a lot longer - up to a year - before you need to replace the cell. The previous remote required recharging as little as two weeks a pop.

Nvidia has also announced that the new Shield TV Pro variant, with 500GB of built-in storage, is available now for £280. It comes with the older, rechargeable remote, however.

Writing by Rik Henderson.