Nokia has introduced a new style of sleep sensor to analyse your sleeping habits at CES 2018. Rather than be a wearable that you wear on your wrist to monitor sleep activity, the Nokia Sleep is a wi-fi enabled pad that slides under your mattress.

Don't worry about it being a Princess and the Pea type scenario, as the Sleep is slim enough to go unnoticed when you're in bed. The Sleep can not only be used to track your sleeping habits, but it can provide feedback scores to rate your sleep and connect to other smart home products you may have such as lights and work with IFTTT.

The Nokia Sleep can track sleep duration and any interruptions detected during the night. It also claims to track rapid-eye-movements and snoring. After every sleep you will be given a Sleep Score, which lets you know just how good the quality of your sleep was and how you can improve if it's not particularly good.

If you have smart lighting around your home, you can connect it to the Sleep, so that, for example, when you get into bed, the lights can automatically dim. Likewise, when you get out of bed, they can turn on again. Sleep data collected automatically syncs to the Nokia Health Mate app to give all health and sleep data in one place.


Also announced at CES 2018 is an update to the Nokia Health Mate app which sees Amazon Alexa added with an update, that can be used to quickly check progress made towards health goals and a new Rose Gold edition of the Steel HR activity tracker.

It will be available from February with either a black Italian leather strap or grey or black silicone straps. The leather version comes with a silicone strap too, so it can be worn during workouts.