Netgear has launched a range of network storage devices from Netgear at CES in Las Vegas.

The new ReadyNAS Duo 500GB Gigabit Desktop Network Storage (RND2150), ReadyNAS Duo 750GB Gigabit Desktop Network Storage (RND2175) and ReadyNAS Duo 1TB Gigabit Desktop Network Storage (RND2110) solutions will offer storage solutions for network users at home and in the office.

The drives are claimed to allow users to "centralise, organise and share all digital media within their homes".

Netgear explains: "By simply connecting any digital camera to the front-mounted USB port, ReadyNAS Duo quickly and easily copies the photos, and makes them available to computers, PDAs and other network-enabled devices in the home or across the Internet".

This solution also enables users to download digital entertainment content directly and will then stream all stored audio and video content through a media adapter into a home entertainment centre "without requiring any of the network computers to be on and in use".

Users can also buy an optional second drive for the ReadyNAS Duo, which will automatically back-up all digital data to protect against data loss due to a disk failure.

We will keep you posted.