Netgear is claiming it can offer an "all access" home with its latest Wireless-N networking solutions.

It has expanded its line-up of wired and wireless network bridges and extenders, and launched a family of intelligent network-attached storage devices.

The 18 new wireless, wired and storage networking products
are designed to enable consumers to enjoy "bandwidth-intensive applications in their homes including high-definition video streaming, online gaming and
VoIP chatting.

First up are Netgear's next generation of Wireless-N products.

These utilise Metamaterial Antenna technology, which is claimed to deliver faster speeds at longer ranges.

The manufacturer adds that the Wireless-N family of routers and adapters are based upon the 802.11n draft specification.

They use an internal array of Smart Antennas to deliver wireless connections across the full 802.11

This technology is incorporated in all next-generation RangeMax Wireless-N products.

The first launch is the RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Router (WNDR3300), which is claimed to deliver the highest
Wi-Fi performance available for today's Wireless-N notebooks and dual-band adapters while providing simultaneous support for legacy 802.11g devices as well as clients based on 2.4GHz and/or 5GHz Wireless-N.

The latter means that the router will avoid interference from household appliances, cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, and other neighboring Wi-Fi networks.

Next is the RangeMax Wireless-N Gigabit Router (WNR3500), which incorporates a five-port 10/100/1000 Mbps switch (one Gigabit Ethernet WAN and four Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports.

"Automatic Quality of Service (QoS) ensures reliable support for Internet, voice, video, and gaming applications, enabling users to simultaneously surf the Internet, e-mail, stream high-definition video, make Internet phone calls, and play online games", explains Netgear.

The RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N USB 2.0 Adapter (WNDA3100) enables users to upgrade their notebook or desktop PCs to dual-band Wireless-N for more wireless channels, less interference and "better connections".

The Wireless-N MoCA Router (WNMR834) is next and allows users to simultaneously have a Wireless-N network infrastructure and use their existing in-home cable TV coaxial outlets.

Netgear has also launched a range of bridges and extenders, which provide network connectivity for network-enabled devices such as laptops, gaming consoles and media adapters, "without the need to run unsightly Ethernet cables".

Netgear's Powerline AV Ethernet Kit (XAVB101) and Powerline HD Plus Ethernet Adapter Kit (HDXB111) provide 200Mbps network connections using existing electrical wires.

The HD/Gaming 5GHz Wireless-N Networking Kit (WNHDEB111) provides more wireless channels and less interference "to enable high-performance network gaming and simultaneously streaming high-definition videos at the highest-possible Wireless-N speeds", claims Netgear.

It will connect to any existing router or gateway.

The Netgear Plastic Optical Fibre Ethernet Adapter (PF101) is a bridge that utilises easily bendable and thin plastic optical fibre to transmit large amounts of data from room to room at "the speed of light".

It is compatible with any Ethernet-enabled device, delivering data speeds of 100Mbps at distances up to 50 metres.

Next up is the 5 Ghz Wireless-N HD Access Point/Bridge (WNHDE111), which will upgrade any home network to support the latest WiFi-certified 5GHz 802.11n draft 2.0 wireless while existing 802.11g networks can be upgraded to a
dual-band 2.4 and 5GHz network providing up to 23 more congestion-free channels.

The RangeMax Wireless Signal Extender (WPN824EXT) has an internal array of seven smart metamaterial antennas for Wi-Fi 802.11g networks.

The manufacturer says that it will select from an
array of hundreds of antenna combinations "to find the optimal, interference-free path to each wireless client".

Netgear also announced it is to further expand its portfolio
of wired, wireless and powerline Ethernet bridges and extenders with the availability of the first industry-standard and MSO-certified MoCA Ethernet-to-Coax Bridge based upon the MoCA 1.1 specification.

The MoCA 1.1 Ethernet-to-Coax Bridge Kit (MOEB1002) is designed for high-definition video streaming and online gaming applications at a raw data rate of 270Mbps.

Netgear has also launched some additions to its family of broadband modems and gateways and a range of network storage devices from Netgear.