Netgear's latest product streams HD wirelessly throughout the home without the need for cables in every room.

The Powerline HD Ethernet Adaptor allows users to connect a personal computer, digital video recorder, games console, or any other Ethernet-ready device to a home network.

It turns any AC socket into an HD-streaming high-speed Ethernet broadband connection for high-quality video, gaming, and VoIP.

Not only does it feature encrypted security and unprecedented data rates, it also ensure that video and gaming traffic is prioritized above all other home-network traffic to ensure they won't be interrupted.

The kit comes with two Powerline HD Ethernet Adapters (HDX101), an Ethernet cable, and set-up CD. One Adaptor is plugged into a router, while the other is plugged into any other Ethernet-ready device to enable speeds of up to 200Mbps.

The Ethernet Adaptor is available for $249.99, while a single Adaptor is sold separately for $129.99. UK pricing isn't available at the moment, but will be shortly.