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(Pocket-lint) - Netatmo has unveiled its first smart lock, the Smart Door Lock and Keys, at CES 2020. That imaginative name holds the key to an interesting feature, too — it comes with three actual keys, a rarity in the smart lock world, which pack NFC to unlock the door the second they're inserted. 

Of course, if you don't want to be tethered to a key, or if you lose yours while out on the razz, you won't be up the creek too badly, as you can always break out the Netatmo Security app on your phone to unlock the door. 

The app is also where you'll control the settings for those keys, and indeed the door. It'll let you add more keys, as well as freezing or deactivating any that you lose track of temporarily or more permanently. 

NetatmoNetatmos Smart Lock Has Physical Nfc Keys And Homekit Compatibility image 2

Perhaps the key choice Netatmo has made is to not pack in a motorised system that can open the deadbolt for you — you'll have to insert the key, and turn it, to move the deadbolt and open the door.

That lack of motor means that the Smart Door Lock has a two-year battery life, though, so whether you're in favour of the manual side of it may depend on that factor. Four AAA batteries will get it going for another two years. 

There's also no hands-free unlocking in the package here — users will need to either use the keys or the app. That may be annoying for some, while others might be inclined to trust more to a system that requires a little more from them.

The lock communicates by Bluetooth, not Wi-Fi, and can connect to a HomeKit dock for integrated control. It replaces existing cylinder door locks, and each key can be configured to work in more than one lock if desired. 

Netatmo's system also doesn't have any tiers or subscriptions tied into it, so you'll be able to use the Smart Door Lock in perpetuity without having to pay for any features. 

The Smart Door Lock and Keys will release in late 2020, but pricing hasn't been detailed at this stage, though it will only be available in Europe at launch. 

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.