(Pocket-lint) - Netatmo has announced it will begin rolling out an update to all Welcome home security cameras that will add pet detection capabilities.

The company has developed some new algorithms that allow the security camera to specifically detect animals passing in front of the camera, and can either alert you of their movement or can simply be used to keep an eye on your companions when you're out of the house.

You can set the camera to ignore any motion so you don't get constant notifications or false alarms on your smartphone.

The pet detection update is in addition to the facial recognition technologies the Welcome camera already has. You're able to set up profiles for all trusted users, so it doesn't constantly notify you when friends and family go in and out the front door. It needs to learn faces over time, but once it has around five different images of the same person, their profile is stored and they are deemed to be a trusted user.

You don't need to set up different profiles for your pets, as the camera will simply recognise when a four-legged friend passes in front of the camera's lens.

The Netatmo Welcome pet detection update will progressively roll out automatically to all Welcome cameras from 1 August.

Writing by Max Langridge.