(Pocket-lint) - With the launch of the Velux Active, we've reached peak smart home in 2017. Announced at CES 2017, the Velux Active smart windows can be automated to work in cahoots with a range of home environment sensors, as well as offering iPhone and Android control. 

That means that you'll be able to have the windows automatically react to changing conditions inside or outside your house, in the ultimate realisation of what a smart home should be. 

Taking the company's existing Integra powered windows - which offer remote control and rain sensing - the Active moves on from predefined schedules and operations to be reactive, working in partnership with Netatmo

Netatmo has a range of smart home sensors and thanks to a new Wi-Fi gateway from Velux, you'll be able to setup the Velux Active to react to the internal conditions. If the internal air quality is bad, the windows can open to provide fresh air.

Velux has worked with Apple to ensure that the new Velux Active are HomeKit enabled, with Apple iPhone and Android apps to ensure that you'll be able to control your windows or blinds or from a wide range of devices. 

Interestingly, Netatmo says that that the solution will work with a range of motorised windows, including those already installed, so it should be possible to upgrade your existing configuration. 

The first Velux Active products will hit the market in Q3 2017, so late summer.

Writing by Chris Hall.