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(Pocket-lint) - Netatmo has announced a Wind Gauge to join its Weather Station for Smartphone, at IFA 2015 in Berlin.

The Wind Gauge will allow users to measure the wind's speed, as you might have guessed from the name, meaning those into outdoor activities will have a better idea about the conditions outside.

It has been designed to be maintenance free with no moving parts, using ultrasonic technology to measure the wind's speed and Netatmo claims this is the first personal wind gauge that uses this kind of technology. It’s the same kind as the sensors that cause the beeping in cars when reversing or parking we were told at the show.

The Wind Gauge is said to deliver more precise calculations than traditional three-cup wind meters and Netatmo claims it is especially reliable when it comes to gusts.

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Information is recorded and relayed via Wi-Fi to the Netatmo Weather Station App.

Measurements are said to be sharpened thanks to the hyper local data provided, offering users information such as "feels like" temperature. Netatmo’s CEO Fred Potter said: "It's essential to have local data when gauging the wind, as the geography and relief of the area are determining factors. The wind gauge is particularly targeted at sailing enthusiasts, golfers and people at large enjoying outdoor activities or gardening."

The Netatmo Weather Station monitors indoor and outdoor environmental elements, including temperature, humidity, air pressure, CO2 level and noise pollution. The information it provides is then delivered to the users smartphone. In addition to the new Wind Gauge, there is also a Rain Gauge already available.

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The Netatmo Wind Gauge will be available by the end of September.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.