(Pocket-lint) - Nest Hello is the company's take on the connected doorbell, looking to rival the likes of Ring, with a smart solution that will let you know who is at your door, no matter where you are. 

Part of the Nest family, the Nest Hello slips in alongside Nest's existing range of indoor and outdoor cameras, bringing you smart motion detection and the ability to talk to whoever is at your door through your phone. 

The Nest Hello is a replacement for a wired doorbell, so unlike the popular Ring Video Doorbell that is a standalone product, for the Nest Hello you will need it to be wired, connecting to your existing chime and drawing power. 

That means there are no batteries to think about, while there's also a full range of enhanced features that having more power unlocks. For example the Nest Hello offers HDR video, meaning that it gives you better visuals night and day with more dynamic range between shadows and bright patches, so it's not blinded in bright sunlight.

Nest Hello will also offer continuous video recording, rather than just capture when someone presses the button or when motion is detected. While you can just install the doorbell and get alerts on your phone when someone does approach your door, a £4 subscription to Nest Aware unlocks some of these more enhanced features - including the ability to recognise familiar faces.

Because Nest is part of the Google family, it works with Google Home to do some really clever things. For example, if you have Nest Aware - as we've just mentioned - it can then announce who is at your door if it recognises them, which is really clever. 

Launched earlier in 2018 in the US, now that Nest Hello is available in the UK it will speak British English. It's now available to buy in the UK, with deliveries starting from 13 June 2018.

The Nest Hello will cost you £229 for DIY installation, but Nest are also offering installation for £329 by a professional installer. 

Writing by Chris Hall.