Saving money not only on products and everyday items, but on your bills as well, is a big deal for everybody. So when you can combine the two and save £70 off a Nest Thermostat 3.0, which will bring your heating bills down, it's an offer too good to turn down.

Amazon is offering the Nest Thermostat 3.0 for £150, but it's worth noting it's the version without the accompanying stand. That means you'll either need to wall-mount it, or invest £29 to get the stand separately. The saving also applies solely to the stainless steel model, so if you were hoping to get the black or copper version for cheap, you're out of luck.

Amazon's version also doesn't come with professional installation, so you'll need to know what you're doing to get it up and running in your home. Nest provides step-by-step instructions so in most instances it should't be an issue.

Once it's up and running, Nest 3.0 will get to work learning your daily routines to decide when to heat your home. It knows when you're in or out of your home thanks to picking up the GPS location tracking of your smartphone, so it will keep you toasty warm in the winter months whenever you're around, and turn the heating off when you're out to avoid unnecessary charges. 

If you do need professional installation and want to choose a different colour, Nest is offering free installation with any 3.0 Thermostat purchased directly through its site. This offer ends on 29 November.