The Nest 3.0 smart thermostat is one of our favourite smart home products. It not only looks amazing for a thermostat, but it can carry out myriad functions to keep your home warm or cool, and ultimately save you money.

Amazon has knocked a rather generous £85 off the regular price for Prime members on Prime Day, bringing the price down to £135, which is an absolute bargain.

Make sure you're aware that because you're buying the Nest thermostat through Amazon, you will need to install it yourself. If you paid the full price plus a cover charge from Nest directly, an engineer would come out and install it for you.

Once it's installed you can download the companion app for iOS and Android devices to control the heating, although you can cycle through menus and adjust temperatures directly from the Nest itself. 

The thermostat learns your daily habits over time, to make sure it only heats the house when it needs to. It can detect when you're out by sensing the GPS on a connected phone, so won't turn off if you're sat still at home for a prolonged period of time.