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(Pocket-lint) - Hive, the British Gas-backed smart home company, has announced the latest addition to its collection of smart home devices called the Hive Camera to tie in with its Hive smart heating system. 

Following the likes of Nest with the Nest Cam, the Hive Camera will let Hive users monitor their home using their smartphone, meaning 24/7 coverage. Like rival cameras, the Hive Camera can be set to trigger motion or audio alerts, with these triggers recording video that's stored locally allowing smartphone access, so you can see what's been happening.

There will also be a two-way audio function, allowing you to monitor your sleeping baby, for example, providing comfort when they are distressed.

The Hive Camera will also allow zooming to get in closer to the action, with the ability to trigger noises to scare off a potential interloper, including a barking dog, police siren or alarm noise.

The new Hive Camera will join in with Hive's other home devices, meaning that building a smart home is now a little more straightforward. The Hive Camera will be available for £129 as a standalone device, or can be included in the Hive Home Check package for a monthly subscription. 

The Hive Camera will be available from 29 June 2017.

Writing by Chris Hall.