(Pocket-lint) - Google-owned Nest will soon announce a 4K indoor home security camera, but it's not your typical 4K camera.

It won't actually record in 4K, according to Android Police. Instead, it will use the 4K resolution to "power some cool zooming tricks". The sensor in the new Nest camera can technically record in 4K, but you will see a 1080p image. The camera, which detects motion, can auto-zoom in on a 1080p section of the full frame, so you can see more detail than you would zooming in on a frame that starts at 1080p.

Here's how Android Police explained it:

"That zoomed view is still a 1080p image, so you will actually be able to see what's going on. There will also be a down-scaled 1080p full frame view available, thus you can view either zoomed or full 1080p feeds."

So, if the camera sees something moving, it can crop down to 1080p in order to show you a zoomed-in view that’s still in full HD. From what we can tell, it sounds like Nest is trying to cater to people who don't have devices capable of streaming 4K. Plus, 4K equals mammoth video files that are heavy on bandwidth and storage. Also, since it's a security camera, being able to see what's actually moving matters most.

Currently, there doesn't seem to be an ability to stream in 4K resolution. Also, there will reportedly be a ring around the lens that lights up to indicate when the camera is recording. This upgraded Nest Cam should resemble the outdoor Nest Cam and will have USB-C for power. Some of Nest’s subscription-only features - maybe even personal alerts - will become free, too.

As for price, expect around $300 - that's $100 more than the current indoor Nest Cam. And it should be announced by the end of the month.

Writing by Elyse Betters.