(Pocket-lint) - Nest practically disappeared after it became an Alphabet company, but a new report has suggested it's coming back in full force.

A report from Bloomberg claimed Nest is working on new connected products, including a home security system, a smart doorbell, a refreshed version of the indoor Nest Cam, and a cheaper version of its popular Nest smart thermostat. That's a whole lot of goods coming from a company that's stayed relatively low key ever since Google bought it for $3.2 billion in 2014.

However, Nest has actually been rumored to be working on a home security system since last May. Bloomberg said it might feature a central keypad hub, alarm sensors for doors and windows, and a key fob that you'd use to activate and deactivate the alarm. You'd also be able to control the entire security system through a connected phone app, similar to other Nest products.

Bloomberg also detailed the cheaper thermostat and smart doorbell, the latter of which could feature a camera so you can talk with visitors through a connected app. The thermostat should cost under $200, a $49 price difference from the current Nest. The company is also working on new sensors to pair with the thermostat, allowing you to finely control temperatures in each room.

Nest is supposedly readying the smart doorbell for sometime in 2018, while the security system should release this year. Keep in mind Nest hasn't released a completely new product since the Nest Protect smoke detector in 2013, though it did rework a Dropcam product in 2015, with the release of Nest Cam. It also launched a waterproof version of the camera, the Nest Cam Outdoor.

We'll know more in the coming months. Meanwhile, we've contacted Nest for a comment and will update if we hear back.

Writing by Elyse Betters.