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(Pocket-lint) - Nest Labs has already launched its next gen device with enhanced screen in the US, now it's arrived in the UK and Europe with exclusive features.

The new Nest sports a slimmer form than its predecessor and a newly designed screen. Plus Nest says Europe gets unique new features like hot water control.

The third generation of Nest still packs in all the app friendly smart features of the previous models. That means control remotely from a phone as well as smart learning to help save money on heating costs. Nest claims it can save users up to £353 per year on energy bills.

The new boiler support system, compatible with OpenTherm heating systems, now allows for readouts on exact gas useage to reach desired temperatures. It is also able to control hot water tanks from the phone and turns off when Auto Away detects nobody is home.

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The new Nest screen is 40 per cent larger than its predecessor and squeezes in more pixel at 229ppi meaning it should be easy to read from further away, at a glance. This works with a new Farsight software feature that automatically displays temperature or time when movement is detected across the room.

The third generation Nest is available now in the UK, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Republic of Ireland for £199.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.