Nest has just announced a run of updates to its smarthome devices, including a new Nest Protect, a redesigned app, some new feature updates and Nest Cam, a connected home camera.

Nest Cam offers a minimalist metal body, a magnetic base for easy mounting on metal surfaces, as well as full HD video capture, a mic and speaker, and compatibility with the rest of the Nest world.

One of the keys to unlocking Next Cam is a new service called Nest Aware. If you were wondering that Nest Aware is and what it offers, you've come to the right place.

What does Nest Aware do?

Nest Aware takes advantage of the connectivity of the Nest Cam to add a range of features. You don't have to use Nest Aware with Nest Cam, but it has the potential to add a lot more control and a lot more options over the basic setup. 

What does Nest Cam do without Nest Aware?

As a standalone camera, Next Cam is connected all the time, letting you view remotely, listen, send voice commands, as well as receive alerts when movements or sounds are detected.

There's no recording however. If you're not paying for Nest Aware, you only get recorded clips when there's another alert from Nest - like Nest Protect detecting smoke, for example.

Without Nest Aware, the Nest Cam is a device for monitoring, with alerts, so you can see what's going on when you receive them. 

Nest Aware features

Video history

One of the key elements of Nest Aware is the video history. Some cameras will store content locally or to the cloud, writing over the old content on a regular basis when the camera is full. Nest Cam doesn't do that as a live broadcast device.

Nest Aware will let you save 10 days or 30 days of video history. That means you can always access this content, even if your camera is stolen. If there were alerts, you'll be able to look at those alerts and see what was happening. 

Alert summary

Nest Aware will keep a summary of incidents so they are easy to find, rather than having to hunt through all the footage that's been captured.

This is really about giving you organised content from your Nest Cam, so it's not just a huge dump of footage. You don't want to be looking through 10 days of content just to find the moment that baby pigeon flew into the window. 

Activity zones

This is a clever feature. If there's a particular area you want to keep an eye on, then you can outline that zone and Nest Aware will alert you if something happens in that area.

For example, you might be using Nest Aware to spy on your children and only have it alert you when they go to raid the cookie jar. Or you might just train it on your back door, rather than be alerted each time something else happens in the room. 

Video clips

It's not just about security. Nest Cam will also capture funny things, unfunny things, bad things, good things, all of which you might want to share. Through Nest Aware you'll be able to save and share to Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.


Wanting to be more than just a security and monitoring device, Nest Aware adds the option to run a timelapse video. It might be that you want to timelapse the builders renovating your kitchen, or just capture your day in quirky timelapse fashion to share.

How much does Nest Aware cost?

Nest Aware will cost you £8 a month for a subscription ($10 a month in the US), for a 10-day history. If you want 30-day history, it will cost you £24, which is pretty steep. 

This is charged month by month, so you can cancel at any point if you don't want it. If you really love it, you can pay for a full year.

Can I get Nest Aware free?

Yes, there's a 30-day trail of Nest Aware when you buy the camera. It costs £159/$199.