Nest has today announced Nest Cam, its redeveloped version of Dropcam. However, Nest has added a lot of enhancements to the new Nest Cam.

Firstly, the design is more versatile, using a zinc alloy stand, with new mounting options, including a standard tripod mount and a magnet - so you'll be able to stick it directly to your fridge.

In terms of video quality, the new Nest Cam will offer 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, as well as eight IR LEDs, so it works in both light and darkness.

In addition there's a zoom function, offering 8x digital zoom with a Clear Zoom function, so you can zoom in on your phone, hit the button and get a cleaned up version of what you're looking at. 

There's also a speaker and mic embedded in Nest Cam, so you can say things, like soothing your baby, or telling your kids off. 

There will also be a Nest Aware, subscription service for Nest Cam customers, offering a range of software features that will cost you $10 a month.

Nest Cam will be available for $199, starting today in the US. In the UK it will be £159, available in July. Nest Protect will be £8 a month.