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(Pocket-lint) - Nest has just sent out press invites to an event scheduled for 17 June.

The event is expected to be all about new products, and if that's true, it would be the first major event for the company since Google bought it over a year ago. Nest hasn't confirmed anything as of yet, but the rumour mill is churning.

Here's everything we know so far...

What is Nest?

Nest is a Palo Alto-based home automation company founded in 2010 by former Apple engineers Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers. It designs and makes smart devices, though it currently only offers two products: a thermostat and a smoke detector. Nest also acquired Dropcam and therefore sells security cameras too.

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Does Nest's event invite have any buried hints or clues?

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Nest sent out invites for a media event on 4 June. The invite provided no details other than the following: "Please join us for a Nest press conference" to be held in San Francisco.

What might Nest unveil?

Audio devices

Nest has been looking for someone to lead what it calls "Nest Audio". The posting for that job opening suggests Nest plans to get into speakers and audio products. Keep in mind a Nest Audio product would fit nicely into the company's home automation strategy as well as integrate into the Internet of Things.

Also, Nest has a "Works With Nest” developer program and has partnered with a couple of audio companies, such as Ivee, which enables customers to control the Nest Thermostat all by voice. That said, due to the timing of Nest's job listing, it might be too soon for the company's next product to involve audio.

The job listing specifically states that Nest is looking for a "highly technical Head of Audio to lead the development of Nest Audio across hardware and software, present and future."

Home automation system

While exploring the idea of a Nest Audio product, TechCrunch speculated that Nest might unveil a home automation system that listens to you while speaking data and playing music, but the report didn't cite any sources.

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If Nest does unveil a home automation system with, presumably, deep audio capabilities, we're wondering if it would also work with Google Brillo. (It is Google's new operating system that aims to provide low-powered devices with the bare-bones ability to communicate with other connected devices nearby.)

The idea is that Brillo might one day be used on everything from home appliances (like refrigerators) to smaller ones (like camera monitors). Nest is well-known for making the smart home market accessible, so it'll be interesting to see what it is planning next and whether it'll work with Brillo.

The thing is - if you watch Nest's Works with nest video posted above - you won't hear anything about Google or Android or Brillo. Google has been keeping the Nest brand separate, letting Nest spearhead home automation for the company.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.