Nest smart thermostats aren't as clever as they claim after failing to adapt to the British Summer Time clock change.

After the clocks changed by an hour this weekend Nest thermostat owners took to forums to register their complaints.

The Google-owned Nest is supposed to automatically adapt to clock changes via its online connection. Instead Nest thermostats in the UK are currently running an hour behind.

Despite the clock change happening days ago an update to fix the issue has yet to arrive. One user reportedly did a temporary fix by changing his location to Belgium.

It would seem that there is no way in the short-term to change the clock settings on the Nest manually other than by changing location.

Honeywell's smart thermostat, by comparison, made the change without any problems or need for changes made by the owner of the system.

Since the Nest thermostat intelligently learns a user's timings and switches on and off to suit comings and goings this timer malfunction could be very annoying. For example getting up to a cold house when you need to go to work is less than ideal.

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