(Pocket-lint) - Nest has announced a new run of partners at CES 2015 that are all part of its Works with Nest programme.

If you thought that Nest was just a smart heating controller you'd be wrong, as Works with Nest is designed to put the smart into your smarthome. 

Works with Nest was announced in June 2014 and since then the list of compatible devices has expanded.

The sorts of things you can expect are washing machines that run on a quiet cycle when you're home. Thanks to Whirlpool, you can do just that.

Philips Hue is also on the Works with Nest list, with the given example being a notification, through your lights, when Nest Protect detects a problem.

Then there are door locks that can turn the heating off when you leave, Withings support so that the temperature can be cooled when you go to sleep, and by talking to your Chargepoint electric car charger, Nest can tell you when it's a good time to power up your car.

The list now includes the likes of: Jawbone, Mercedes, Osram, Philips Hue, Whirlpool, Pebble, IFTTT, LG, Insteon, Withings, Chargepoint and more.

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CES 2015 is shaping up to be something of a wide showcase for smarthome devices and it looks like Nest wants to be the universal controller for all of them.

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Writing by Chris Hall.