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(Pocket-lint) - Nest has announced its Nest Developer Program to create a more connected home. That could mean a fully automated experience is not too far off.

At the moment Nest is working with developers and brands to integrate the smart controls. Jawbone's UP24 band, for example, is able to detect when you wake and can let the Nest know so you're heating and hot water are ready when you hop out of bed.

Another example is LIFX smart lights which will be able to work with Nest, flashing red, for example, when the fire alarm sounds. Ideal for those hard of hearing and the fact it reminds us of the Aliens movies (yes, ours would flash orange) is just a bonus.

Mercedes-Benz is also taking part with its cars smart enough to 'speak' to Nest from the road to let it know when the driver will be home, allowing the house to get to the right temperature for arrival.

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This program could even save people money. For those with power suppliers which offer cheaper electricity at off-peak times Whirlpool is able to only activate its washers at certain times. The Nest can detect Rush Hour Reward times, as they're called, and only turn the washer on when it saves the owner money.

Even Logitech is onboard with its Harmony Ultimate remote, usually used for TV, now able to control Nest from the sofa. Too warm while the blood is pumping during an Arnie classic movie? Just cool the house with a touch of the remote.

The Nest Developer Program is encouraging all developers to get involved to allow their smart home to work automatically. Of course this puts Nest at the centre of all that. Considering it's owned by Google, who is funded by ad money made from selling your data, it's a little worrying.

Nest previously said it wouldn't share a user's data with parent company Google. Nest cofound Matt Rogers confirms, saying Nest plans to task a small team with vetting apps and how they link to Nest's platform. He pointed out that Google Now will not be able to harvest user data for Google's targeted ad business. 

Nest may have started early but with Apple's recent HomeKit announcement Nest had got its competition nipping at its heals already. Perhaps the Android Wear smartwatches announced at Google I/O this week will reveal an even more intuitive way to control the home that Apple can't compete with until it launches its iWatch, expected in September.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.