Nest, the Google owned smart smoke alarm, has announced it's buying Dropcam. It looks like it has plans to put robo-eyes in your home so you can check it from anywhere.

Many security systems now offer a camera that allows users to check a snapshot or video of home. This is for when the alarm goes off, or if the user is just feeling paranoid. It looks like Nest is moving in on that security territory.

When Nest finalises the deal Dropcam products will still be sold but it will just fall under the rules and regulations of Nest. That means data protection, even from Google. But in the long run, presumably, Nest will be incorporating the camera tech into future Nest devices. Of course it may simply incorporate Dropcam hardware in the Nest control software.

Nest has said: "I think our customers will agree. Many of you already own Dropcam products and have asked if we could make them work with Nest. Today, we’re one step closer to making that happen."

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