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(Pocket-lint) - Nest, looking for its next home gadget to target and improve,  is to launch an intelligent smoke and carbon monoxide detector in the UK, US and Canada in November.

The new internet-connected device will cost £109 and be available in John Lewis, Amazon and the Apple store and to help offer a better solution to those looking to be safe in the home in a more connected way.

The new smoke detector, called Nest Protect, will come with sensors to monitor smoke, heat and CO. It will connect to other Nest Protect detectors you have in the home as well as allow you to regularly check up on it via the Nest app, already being used by Nest heating users, on the iPhone.

In an attempt to offer something beyond what your average £30 detector already does, Nest is hoping that would-be customers will be enticed by a number of intelligent features including the detector telling you verbally there is a fire rather than just sounding an annoying alarm.

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Nest also says that because all the Protect detectors are connected via their own mesh network in your house rather than using your Wi-Fi, if an alarm is triggered in one room, all detectors will sound to tell you where the trouble is.

When you do get an alarm warning you'll be able to silence the message by waving your arms at the device. A motion sensor detects you saying everything is okay and stops the alarm from sounding.

Realising that nobody does the monthly check you are supposed to do with smoke detectors, the Nest Protect will also automatically check itself, every 10 minutes, so you don't have to, and then let you know that everything is okay once a day by shining a green light when you turn the lights out to go to bed

If that wasn't enough, the company, who's founders where involved in the creation of the Apple iPod, have also turned the detector into a handy night light that automatically comes on when it detects motion in the dark. That's useful if you are trying to avoid toys in the kids' bedroom, or merely looking to find the stairs in smoke-filled landing.

Nest plans to sell the new Nest Protect from 15 November once it has passed the regulatory fire safety standards in the US and UK. It will be available in two versions – wired (230V) and battery-powered and come in white and black. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.