Originally announced at IFA 2017, Neato Robotics has finally put its flagship D7 Connected robot vacuum cleaner on sale. 

Boasting Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, the new metallic-finished model joins the D3 Connected and D5 Connected along with the Botvac Connected model from 2015. We've got one of the new models and we'll be bringing you our full review soon. 

The D7 Connected brings with it the same D-shape the company's robot cleaners are known for but it adds advanced mapping and cleaning technology with 'No-Go' lines to tell the robot where it shouldn't go. There's also IFTTT integration so you can specify rules for cleaning. 

As before the robot cleaner will scan the home when in Discovery Mode or in the normal cleaning mode but new is the FloorPlanner with No-Go Lines so you can tell the cleaner exactly where to go - this all works via a new version of the excellent Neato app for iOS and Android. 

With the previous Neato cleaners, you had to lay down a physical metallic strip if there was somewhere you didn't want the cleaner to go, such as across the top of the stairs (or towards your child's Lego models!)

NeatoAll-new Neato Botvac D7 Connected goes on sale introduces No-Go Lines image 2

As before, you can also set off the cleaner remotely using the app or schedule a regular clean. You're also able to see your cleaning history as well as where the cleaner went on each clean. 

In addition to the new mapping and cleaning technology, Neato says the D7 Connected feature robust suction for picking up small dust and hair, an ultra-performance filter, turbo mode and an improved brush system.

The Neato D7 Connected costs £799/$799/€899 and is available in the US and Europe. Check out our previous Neato D5 Connected review