Robot vacuum cleaners are one of those devices that you probably want, but you've always baulked at the high price. Well baulk no more, as the Neato Botvac D5 Connected has had £300 slashed off the price thanks to Amazon's Easter Sales.

Normally costing £599 (completely baulk worthy), for the next 24 hours this connected robot vacuum cleaner will only cost you £299, which is slightly more tempting.

Neato is one of the biggest names in robot vacuum cleaners and the D5 Connected does a little more than just drive itself around your apartment gathering dirt.

The Connected part of the Botvac means you can control it using an accompanying smartphone app, allowing you to schedule cleaning, as well as get notifications when the cleaning is finished, of it the Botvac gets stuck.

Guidance comes from laser scanning and the D5 Connected is smart enough to take itself back to recharge at the base station, before returning to the task if it hasn't finished the job. It's a pretty good cleaner too.

As with many Amazon sales, this deal is probably only going to last for 24 hours.