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(Pocket-lint) - Neato has announced Google Home support on all its connected robot vacuum cleaners, including the Botvac D3 Connected, Botvac D5 Connected and Botvac Connected.

Users with a Google Home device will therefore be able to ask Google Assistant to tell Neato to start cleaning, check the battery level, locate their robot vacuum cleaner and schedule a cleaning cycle with just their voice.

The integration with Google Home follows the announcement of Amazon Alexa compatibility at the end of 2016. Neato introduced Amazon Alexa in November on the Botvac Connected only, though the company is now adding support for the Botvac D3 Connected and Botvac D5 Connected too.

All the Neato Botvac Connected robot cleaners use LaserSmart technology to map out the best course for cleaning a home with real time object detection, continuous room mapping and laser scanning.

They all work in the dark and all of the cleaners will automatically return to their charging base when their batteries are running low, but pick up where they left off once they are recharged.

The Botvac Connected, Botvac D5 Connected and Botvac D3 Connected feature a D-shaped design, allowing them to get into corners better, while Neato claims they have one of the largest brushes and dirt bins in the robot cleaner market.

Neato Google Assistant compatibility through Google Home will be available from 16 March in the US, no doubt followed by the UK when Google Home appears on this side of the pond. The Amazon Alexa skill expansion to the Botvac D3 Connected and Botvac D5 Connected will be available soon in the US, UK and Germany.

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Writing by Britta O'Boyle.