Motorola today announces the launch of homesight, a new home monitoring and control system for the UK market.

The system is a co-coordinated system of wired and wireless cameras, wireless door/window sensors and devices that work together to provide information on what's happening in your home.

Furthermore the system promises to intelligently monitor and control your home environment by recording, storing and sending photos and video clips to you, wherever you are in the world via a compatible mobile phone or PC.

The starter kit includes a system controller (the brains behind the system), a wireless camera, a wireless sensor for doors and windows, and the homesight software. The software can be loaded onto any PC, enabling you to use and control the system.

Once up and running with the starter kit, you can add extra sensors or cameras anywhere in the home. The range of accessories includes power controllers to turn on lamps and appliances remotely, water and temperature sensors, motion detectors, sirens and cameras with built-in motion detectors.

The homesight easy start kit will be available exclusively through PC World at a suggested retail price of £229.99 from 17 September 2005.