(Pocket-lint) - Launching at the end of July is the Logitech Circle 2, the updated version of the original Logitech Circle connected camera. This next generation of Circle camera is touted as being more versatile and flexible than the previous model.

Logitech explained that it has listened to users of the original camera as well as catering for the needs and wants of customers. This results in an adjusted design to suit all those requirements.

What does that mean for the new camera? More options, to begin with.

The Circle 2 will be available in both wired and wireless formats, to be used and moved more easily around the home. It's also going to be weatherproof and waterproof, said to withstand all kinds of conditions and temperatures down to minus 20-degrees Celsius and up to as much as 50-degrees.

The new design also means the Circle 2 can now be used as an indoor or outdoor camera and can be installed in a variety of ways.

One of the main selling points of the camera is its flexibility and versatility. You can now also purchase a number of accessories to aid installation around the home. Wall mounts, plug socket mounts, a rechargeable battery housing, weatherproof outdoor cabling and even a window mount are available.

The wireless version of the Circle 2 uses a battery housing and special sensors, giving it a battery life of up to three months before it needs recharging. In this format, the camera only records when it detects movement, then turns off after a short while until movement is detected again. This allows Circle 2 to be much more efficient and long-lasting than its younger brother.

The camera itself has also had various upgrades, including an improved speaker to enhance your two-way communication experience, a wider-angle lens to show a full 180-degree view of the room or area it is installed in and improved connectivity.

The Circle 2 will now work with Logitech Pop, Apple Homekit and Amazon Echo, meaning there is plenty of IoT connectivity and a wealth of flexibility for how you get your smart home devices working for you.

The new camera is compatible with the current app and will work alongside the original Circle camera too, so there's no need to ditch old for new.

There are improvements to zoom levels within the app and an auto-enhancement functionality to improve image quality when you're zooming, as well as an 8x digital zoom.

Like the previous model, the new Logitech offers 24-hour playback of recorded footage for free.

If you require more footage you'll need to pay for the Circle Safe subscription which comes in two levels (basic and premium) offering 14-days or 31-days video storage respectively. Circle Safe Premium also has the same benefits for person detection and motion zones that feature on the current Circle camera.

The Circle 2 will be available for £169 for the wired version and £199 for wireless. Accessories start from £25.99, going up to £51.99. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.