As you add more smart home devices to your abode you soon realise that instead of making life less complicated, they can sometimes do the opposite.

That's because each device requires a different app to control it. And even when all linked through a unifying smart home system, you might find you have to hunt for your smartphone, open it, open the app and activate products just to boil a kettle to make a cup of tea.

It is the very definition of a first world problem. Pressing the on switch on a non-smart kettle is so much simpler.

The Logitech Pop Smart Button might be the answer though.

We first encountered the Pop Smart Button at the end of last year. But it's now been made compatible with Apple HomeKit, which is a big deal for iOS users. It is also about to be sold in Apple stores in the UK, from 13 June.

It comprises one big button you can wall-mount or leave on a side table that, with one tap, can switch on the lights, draw the curtains, even start music on your Sonos system. And it comes with three different gesture options, so different interactions can be pre-programmed and controlled easily.

You also get a bridge device in the Pop Smart Button Kit that links to your home network wirelessly and interacts with all the compatible smart home devices you own.

It works with devices that are HomeKit-enabled, but also many that aren't. You can set compatible kit up through Apple Home or a dedicated Pop app for iOS or Android.

The Logitech Pop Smart Button Kit is available for £119.99. Inside you get the bridge and one of the Pop Smart Buttons. You can also buy additional Pop Smart Buttons at £34.99 a, ahem, pop.