You know the scenario – you wake up face down on your mate’s sofa after a heavy night and you stink. Luckily, said mate has an LG Steam Direct Drive washing machine. You jump in the shower, yesterday’s clothes jump in the washing machine on Refresh; 20 minutes later you leave smelling fresh as a daisy.

LG today introduced a new range of Steam Direct Drive and Direct Drive washing machines, allowing loads up to 9kg and offering steam cleaning.

The intelligent machine will even weigh the load for you and has been rated A++ for energy efficiency. LG tell us it uses 35% less water and 21% less energy than traditional A rated machines.

The innovative Steam Refresh function removes wrinkles and odours from clothes in just 20 minutes, using steam rather than water, perfect for busy professionals (or party animals) with no time to spare.

With a host of programme features, including an allergy setting, and looking pretty smart (for a washing machine) isn’t it about time you plumbed one of these babies in to your pad?

LG’s new Steam Direct Drive range is available now, with prices ranging from £599 and £799.