Vacuum cleaners used to be simple, now LG has unveiled its World first dust sucker, but it's nothing ordinary.

It's Compressor Vacuum Cleaner uses a dust compression system designed to collect four times as much dust as comparable cleaners. The vacuum is bagless we’re told it manages to fit more in by compressing the dust into tightly packed cubes in the container.

The vacuum uses a RotaBlade that is in the rocket shaped drum, which is attached to an additional motor moving side-to-side compacting household dust into solid cubes. The company claims this saves four times less dust escaping as the cylinder is emptied, making for a more hygienic clean.

Beyond just packaging the dust, the machine also filters it between thick and fine dust through four stages of separation. It retains particles as small as three microns - the same quantity as cigarette smoke. I guess this means no dust can be left uncovered.

There are three new models in the range: the Compressor, (silver) Compressor PetCare (red) and Compressor AllergyCare (green and white). The PetCare and AlleryCare Compressor’s come equipped with the TurboCombi Nozzle and a Mini Turbine Nozzle attachment.

The range will be available in the UK from 17th May and cost £149.99 for The Basic Model, The Pet Care Model is £179.99 and The Allergy Care Model is £199.99.