LG has launched a new fridge in the UK that has more in common with the large ones from the US. The LG Home Bar Side-by-Side refrigerator is designed with home entertainment in mind, as it makes cooling and mixing drinks easy with a separate inset “mini fridge”.

The drinks door opens up a separate compartment for drinks bottles so that you don't have to open the main door every time you want access to your mixers. The door hinges at the bottom, so that you can use it as a platform on which to pour.

Set into the deep freeze side of the fridge is an ice and filtered water dispenser. LG claims that the drinks fridge is inherently more energy efficient because it saves people using power by constantly opening and closing the doors.

On the outside is also an LED display to let you control temperature easily through seven digitally controlled sensors inside the fridge freezer.

The fridge costs a pound shy of £2000.