Football fans getting ready for the World Cup this summer might want to order the new SXS TV Side by Side refrigerator from LG.

Coming with a built-in television the SXS Titanium TV Side-by-Side refrigerator has an integrated touch screen 15-inch remote-controlled LCD display with TV, DVD, cable and radio connectivity meaning that you can still catch the action when you get up to get another beer.

In addition to being just another fridge, the model features chilled filtered water, crushed ice or ice cubes and an LED display will enable you to control the fridge or freezer temperature at a touch of a button.

There's also a wine rack, pizza tray and digital temperature controls that allow precise temperature changes within the refrigerator via its seven sensors.

The GR-G227STBA SXS Titanium TV Side-by-Side refrigerator from LG is available in May/June for a whacking £2,499