LG electronics has launched a new talking vacuum cleaner that aims to give Dyson a run for its money. Launched at the Science Museum on Tuesday evening the £200 model will become the flagship model of the LG Cyking range, which was originally launched in 2001.

The talking element of the vacuum cleaner comes in to force when the machine is turned on and when the bin is ready to be changed.

The oh-so-catchy named VCC402CTU is based around a cylinder “Dynaclean” suction system that does require bags.

The vacuum cleaner also features a dust finder sensor that registers the dust level of the surface you are cleaning and suction power automatically adjusts according to the cleanliness of a particular area.

Additional features include the Carpet Master Plus hose head, bright LED display, Silencer System and Nano-Silver hygienic dust bin.

The new model will also be available in an upright version for bigger areas and will both models will be available in July.