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(Pocket-lint) - Last year, LG announced DeepThinQ, its own artificial intelligence technology to be employed in smart, connected home appliances.

A year later, during CES 2018, it launched an all-new range of products under the name LG ThinQ. This trend is set to continue during the rest of the year, with the LG V30S ThinQ already announced and the G7 ThinQ smartphone set to debut soon. 

But what is LG ThingQ and what products does it relate to? Read on.

What is LG ThinQ?

LG ThinQ is a new brand from LG that groups together premium appliances and consumer electronics under the one banner. However, it's not just a name.

Products that carry the ThinQ branding will be artificially intelligent, able to communicate with each other and employ LG's own deep learning technology in order to better understand your habits and needs.


Plus, as well as LG's AI platform, DeepThinQ, the products will employ other companies' assistant tech. For example, LG is releasing an updated version of its Instaview refrigerator with Amazon Alexa support, which also has the ability to talk to connected ovens and, even, a dishwasher. And many of its other smart products will be able to be controlled by Google Assistant.

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What is LG DeepThinQ?

LG's own AI platform, DeepThinQ, is designed to give products brains so they can predict user needs and adapt different behaviours accordingly.

These manifest in different ways depending on the product. Its flagship Hom-Bot robot vacuum cleaner, for instance, uses DeepThinQ tech to recognise objects around a room and react accordingly.

It can even tell the difference between a chair and a human and ask the latter to kindly move out of the way.

In comparison, the fridge with DeepThinQ tech can analyse usage and eating patterns. It will only make ice at the times of day it is needed or change sterilisation system patterns when it detects higher temperatures externally.

What products are in the LG ThinQ family?

Most of the new products under the LG ThinQ brand launched or were teased at CES 2018.

There is an LG Dualcool ThinQ Stand Invertor air conditioner, that features voice control so owners can control the air flow from a different room. And it adopts LG's DeepThinQ AI technology to direct more airflow towards individuals in a room using spatial recognition.

It can also adjust the strength of airflow thanks to sensors that know how close individuals are to the device.

Also included in the LG ThinQ range are its 2018 OLED and Super UHD TVs. They have DeepThinQ AI built-in which will add voice control and recognition via an included remote control.

You can, therefore, search for specific content through loose commands, such as "show me films starring Tom Cruise". The tech will even switch to channels in the EPG that feature the correct content. You can also tell the TV to "switch off after this programme has finished" and such like.

As we mentioned, the V30S and G7 smartphones also have ThinQ appended to their name and other products will doubtless end up with it added, too.  

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Plus there will be a ThinQ Google Assistant-enabled speaker and a selection of smart robots for the home and businesses.


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Writing by Rik Henderson.
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