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(Pocket-lint) - LG already produces a mass of connected devices, from refrigerators to washing machines, but now it's created the Hub Robot to control all of them for you, making your life even easier.

The Hub Robot is powered by Amazon Alexa and be used to complete simple tasks such as turning on the air conditioner or changing the cycle your dryer is currently on.

But behind its cute little face, it can display a wealth of information about your home, from all the devices it's connected to. This includes images of the inside of your smart refrigerator or cooking recipes from the cloud, which it can then read aloud to you step-by-step.

And because it has a speaker built-in, it can connect to music streaming services to play your favourite music, which it learns over time, read the latest weather report or give you an update on your memos.

LG has designed the Hub Robot to be as lifelike as possible, for example it can nod its head when answering questions, or display various facial expressions on the screen. It even has a camera built-in, so it can recognise individual family members and greet each of them with a different phrase. LG has also produced Mini Robots, which can be placed in other rooms around the home and can perform the same tasks, but the Hub Robot is the one that takes care of all the controls.

LG hasn't given details of price or availability of the Hub Robot. We expect it will initially be given a US launch, but will have to find out if it will make its way to the UK.


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