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(Pocket-lint) - If you thought vacuum cleaners were boring, think again. LG has strapped two of its cordless vacs to the back of extreme climber Blair-Coyle who scaled a glass skyscraper using their suction alone to stay attached.

The LG CordZero Sierra vacuum uses lithium-ion battery power so could be used wirelessly as a suction aid. One was used for each hand, and strapped in feet, as Blair scaled the building wearing the retrofitted unit on her back.

The apparently fearless Blair stopped halfway up the 140-metre, 33-story tower for a vacuum system swap-out to keep juiced up with battery power. The vacuum, says LG, can manage a full 40-minutes of power thanks to its 80V battery. Blair reached the top in under 30-minutes suggesting the vacuums may have been overclocked to kick out a bit more power than usual.

Of course all the necessary safety precautions were taken meaning she was roped up should a vacuum cut out. But it looks like the LG CordZero Sierra vacuums are made of some seriously tough stuff and kept her attached.

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The Smart Inverter Motor is on average 28 per cent smaller, 24 per cent lighter and 13 per cent more efficient that conventional vacuum motors, says LG.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.