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(Pocket-lint) - According to LG, today's laundry is really a complicated game of chess. This tough battlefield, which isn't just about "colours vs whites" is so hard that it has forced the company to launch a new twin washing machine at CES in Las Vegas to combat this problem.

Unlike Samsung, that has taken the approach of analysing the dirt and weight of the clothes in the drum and then changing the amount of water accordingly, LG believes the best way to do it is to have two washing drums in the one machine, albeit one taller machine. That's where the name Twin Wash comes from.

The new LG unit features a smaller mini washer at the bottom as well as the standard drum you would expect.

According to LG this innovation will enable users to either use the main washer or the second mini washer underneath to cut down washing time for smaller loads, or if you need to speed up washing by having two loads on at once.

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But it's not just about having two washers. The company has added a number of new technologies including TurboWash, that basically uses two nozzles for water instead of just one; TurboSteam, to prevent over-drying; and SmartThinQ, that means the machine can be controlled via your smartphone or tablet.

The Twin Wash machine also comes with NFC so users can download pre-programmed wash cycles to their smartphones and then activate them by simply touching the smartphone to the washing machine's NFC Tag On symbol.

No word on a release date, but expect this washing machine to help you become the Grand Master of washing in the near future.

Writing by Stuart Miles.