LG has announced its new Smart Bulb product on Sunday, a set of lightbulbs that connect to iOS and Android devices for a different way to light your home.

The Smart Bulb features "LG Smart Lighting" that has a security mode to make it appear like you're home when you're away, a mode that will flash light when you're playing music, and a mode that will flash when you receive a phone call on your handset. You can also control the brightness of the bulb, and set it to slowly brighten as you wake up from a nap.

The Smart Bulbs are low wattage, according to LG, running for more than 10 years when used for five hours a day.

LG is essentially taking on the Phillips Hue, a wireless lighting system that lets you control up to 50 light bulbs via a smartphone app.

LG has announced the Smart Bulb will be available in South Korea to start, priced at 35,000 won, or roughly $32 each. We'll be looking for an announcement for UK and US availability.